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Expiry notification

You can add up to 30 days or more to the date of consumption on the site

Product Deficiency Notification

Product shortage notification can be set to 5 or more. We have set the default to 5.

Notification finishing product

When the products in your warehouse are completed, you will be inactive.


Provides details on products, all the receipts that are in .


Manage Products

In this part those product you added before you can see it and change it or delete it or deactivate it.


Manage Orders

In this part you can see all invoices and change it as paid or not paid and admin can see all invoices but Employee can see only his invoice.


Manage Groups

In this part you can manage groups and changing access to the .....


Manage Transfers

In this part you can see Transfers and returned product. We deactivate edit part in this part but you can activate it


Manage Payments

In this part if Customer want to Paid some invoice you just write amount of money the system paid invoices according amount of money.

Ability to add new language to the site with the ability to use the right-to-left languages

Possibility to increase the variety of designs for your warehouse invoice

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